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Thanks y'all for making my book #1 Amazon kindle in this genre.

As a first time author, the Catch 22 has been that I couldn't get the big publishers to publish FLIPSIDE - although they all claimed to like it - because I'm not an expert in the field, normally what's needed to ensure getting published.  But now that it's #1 in its field - that makes me a bit of an expert, even though it doesn't make a lick of sense. So thanks, and that will be helpful in my next book - which will be in the same genre, as I've continued filming people under deep hypnosis since it came out.
George Noory

For those of you who haven't heard it, please check out this link for a video posted of the show that aired on "Coast To Coast" with George Noory. I had a blast doing the show - George made it seem like he was interested in the topic, and made my job easier - to fill 3 hours of airtime with tales from the Flipside.

I also appreciate those who've been watching my Earhart film - Earhart's Electra,which is available here:

That's an entirely different chapter in my life, but like the work in "Flipside" is something that's been in my life.

Dr. Michael Newton
But again, I'm a journalist and a documentary filmmaker - I'm not espousing a point of view, a belief, or trying to upend any belief system.  I'm just reporting what people say under deep hypnosis - in Michael Newton's research, he and his therapists have had over 7000 clients say the same things about the afterlife.  I've filmed 15 - some that I recruited, some who'd never heard of Michael Newton, or were vaguely familiar with his work, some who were convinced they could "never be hypnotized."

Dr. Greyson

I've reported my findings to the University of Virginia where I met with Dr. Bruce Greyson, ("Father of NDE research") Dr. Jim Tucker (Reincarnation studies) Dr. Ed Kelly (EEG studies of psychic phenomena) and some other experts in their field.  They'd all read "Flipside" before our meeting and we discussed how hypnosis as its been practiced for the past 100 years hasn't been a tool of science.  However, because of the depth of Michael Newton's techniques - five and six hour sessions, people were able to attain a transdepth that allowed them to go deeper and further.  The film and transcripts of the book show that the questions asked are not leading or guiding the client to these areas or realms - they do the guiding and leading on their own.

And what they say about the Flipside is uniform - or amazingly the same throughout the planet.  Doesn't seem to matter who the therapist is or who the subject is - they all say relatively the same things when asked the same questions.  So that's the beginning of a study that might be conducted by these fellows.  We'll see.

But again,thanks for checking into the book and documentary - I've had a huge increase in sales and website hits since the Coast to Coast interview - so thanks to George Noory, and Dick Dinges from the IANDS Group in Virginia Beach who wrote an inspired email to Coast to Coast recommending me as a guest.  


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Martini - I'm still in the process of reading, "Flipside" and really enjoying it. When I heard the podcast of the Coast to Coast show on 9/12, it REALLY answered so many questions for me. I hope I don't sound crazy but on May 1, 2012, I had an "awakening or calling" to start working with the spirit world. Your description of the Oracle having the seizure, is kind of what happened to me. I was "struck down" getting my clothes ready for the next day at work. Luckily, my husband found me on my bathroom floor. I was virtually paralyzed and heard voices speaking in a language that didn't sound of this world in my head. It was like they were having a conversation about me and even though I couldn't understand a word, I had full cognizance of my brain and was lying there thinking what is going on? Am I dying? Ok, let's go then! I was so ready to go and thought of my husband and 15 year old daughter, but I still wanted to go and thought that they would be ok without me. Long story short, I came out of it "knowing" that I was to become a "Natural Medium" meaning that I have never been taught by man, but that the spirits/spirit world are teaching me, as how it should be. We call mediums taught by man, "Forced Mediums." I was given a gift from God or the Source to do this work in the most ethical and upstanding way possible to give people hope and comfort. So, I was trying to figure out how all of this worked as you can imagine. I would sit and my "teachers" would come to me every night at first. If I shut my eyes and my main Guide would come through there was always a color associated with him and that color was always purple, a beautiful deep purple with indigo mixed in at times, then when I heard about the colors for the different souls, that made sense to me. The strange language, the color I was always shown and that I've always known I was different than others, but couldn't really tell you why. I just knew I was never really alone. I'm a 47 year old woman. The first true confirmation I got I was different than others was when I was 20 and I heard a male voice that sounded like it was pressed very closely to my left ear tell me that I was to marry the stranger sitting at the end of the table where a group of us were playing poker. I did marry the man I was told I was going to marry and we've been married for 24 years. My husband teases me and calls me a witch at times, as a lot has happened to me in the last 4 months and I've been schooled well. Amazing how far I've come in such a short time. They are constantly leading me to where I need to go to find the info that I seek. Truly amazing and awesome how much love I feel from them too. Anyway, they led me to you and it just has made so much sense to me and I feel a huge sense of peace and calm from the info in the book. Your interview with George was incredible and I bought your book the next day off of Amazon.

Rich Martini said...

Thanks for posting. Sounds like you've had some pretty profound experiences - glad this info came along to help you sort it out. Love the story about the voice in your ear talking about the man you'll marry. That happens more often than we consider. Take a look at Michael Newton's books, they'll explain a lot - but funny that I would mention the Oracle of Tibet - a friend of mine - in this talk. So pray tell what are they teaching you and how can that info help the planet? You should put up a blog - anonymously if you prefer - but share whatever you're learning. I met a psychic healer in sweden - he told me that these spirits showed up one day and started to teach him how to heal people using the "healing light of the universe" which is now showing up in these sessions I'm reporting. I asked him to teach me the process (so I didn't have to go thru all the unusual experiences he had!) and he described "tonglen" (tibetan meditation) pretty accurately (without having heard of it)

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