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Thanks to all of you who tuned in last night, and have written such lovely notes today.  It's this odd construct - two strangers talk on the phone as if they're old friends, and every twenty minutes or so one friend says "And we'll be right back to talk about fantastic stories from the Flipside and author Rich Martini" - and then you hear an ad for or Elton John playing "Your Song."  And then you repeat that for three hours.

Did my best to tell the story as it was told to me.  As I'm fond of saying "don't shoot the messenger."  I'm not espousing a belief system here - I'm just reporting what thousands have said while under deep hypnosis about the afterlife - and our journey and choices to come back here.  All you need is love, is what they say. Love is all there is.  Love to all of you.  Here's the clip from the website:

Afterlife & Reincarnation

Host:George Noory
Guests:Richard MartiniStewart Rhodes
Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his incredible journey finding evidence for the afterlife, life between lives, and "soul groups." He extensively interviewed Dr. Michael Newton, known for his pioneering work on life between lives. Newton put some 7,000 people under deep hypnosis over a 30-year period, and found a number of commonalities amongst his clients regarding reincarnation and the afterlife. For instance, he discovered that people had a specific color associated with them during their between-lives world that was related to their spiritual progression or age of their souls. Martini filmed a number of people's hypnotherapy sessions, including his own. One of the sessions was with a woman who experienced being a holocaust victim in a past life. During her between-lives state, she said she met with a Council of Elders, who surprisingly told her that "it was harder to play the role of a perpetrator than a victim."
According to Martini's research, while in the between-lives world, we conduct a planning session, often with members of our soul group, deciding who is going to play what role in the next lifetime. People typically have between 3 to 25 members in their soul group, and when they find each other, there is a sense that they are "home," he said. A commonality Martini found, is that when people are regressed they say their soul enters a new fetus at around the four months mark. Interestingly, only 1/3 of the person's soul goes into the body and the rest resides in the spiritual realm, and is only reunited at physical death, he continued.
He shared details of his own lengthy hypnotic regression, in which he experienced a previous life as an Indian Medicine Man, and attended a classroom about "energy reconstruction" during the between-lives state. For more, check out a trailer for his documentary, FlipSide. Martini also touched on his extensive research into the fate of Amelia Earhart. He interviewed a number of witnesses who saw her plane in a hangar in Saipan. He concluded that she was held prisoner by the Japanese (who probably thought she was a spy) from 1937-42, and was executed after United States shelled Saipan.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, has anyone reported being the color black when under deep hypnosis? Great to listen about choosing your circumstances before entering the world. Its very humbling. Love is the only answer.

-Detox from Cape Cod

Anonymous said...

Really appreciated and was fascinated by what you had to say on Coast to Coast. Thank you for sharing. Really got me thinking about things from a different perspective now. I hope this is not inappropriate to ask but do you have a website?

Rich Martini said...

You can find youtube clips from flipside if you search "flipside Martini Youtube" - I think they're all here on this page. I have a facebook page for flipside as well - as to the color black, according to Michael Newton's books the colors that have been reported go from white to deep purple - and those colors are not auras - but they're reported by people under deep hypnosis, and they say they relate to how far they are on their spiritual path. Important to point out here - there is no hierarchy reported there - everyone is equal and "no one hoards the Jelly Beans" - pretty unusual.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here looking at my two cats and wondering if we also make agreements with out pets on a soul level before we're born? Or does it only apply to souls that take on the human form? And if we do make agreements with our pets, would the purpose of the pet-human agreement be different from human-human? And I've always wondered if your loved ones that have passed on ever return as one of your pets? Thank you.

Kira said...

Great interview! Mr Martini, you mentioned that you can suggest the regression specialists who are the "real deal" - and trust me, from my experience there are lots of scammers out there! Can you pls make a suggestion in or around Orange County, California, or LA area?
Thnx in advance:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
I've been home with a rotten cold today so listened to your delightful and insightful C2C interview (as a podcast) this afternoon and have, consequently, been trolling through your Flipside website for the past two hours. I've watched all the sidebar videos etc. I am SO impressed. Will watch your Doc. tonight with my son, and will get your book.

It seems like you are traveling lots lately to introduce your book and doc. I wonder if you have any upcoming speaking engagements up here in Toronto,Cd Canada.
Sure would love to see you in person.

Meanwhile, I have a leftover question from the C2C interview. You mentioned a woman who had described Christ's, physical characteristics in one of the sessions.....but you didn't give the specifics. That really left me questioning as that is something I always wanted to know as well. Care to share?

Keep up the great work.. Jeanne M.

Rich Martini said...

She talks about him in the documentary and the book - don't forget this is only one person describing her memory of him. My point was that other folks who claim to have seen him or known him (Brian Weiss mentions his own memory of knowing him in his third book) might see if their description matches. She said she knew him as beardless, long wavy hair, very tan, everything he said related to love - and brown eyes with gold in them. Reminded me of Twilight when they show R. Pattison in the sunlight. Would love to speak in Canada - talk your local bookstore into flying me up there!

As to finding a good therapist - I recommend those trained by Michael Newton because I've seen the training, and know the results. There are many great hypnotherapists, but if you want a tour guide to take you Tibet, I recommend going with someone who's been there. You can find a list of TNI trained folks at near you.

As to reincarnation of pets - again, I'm just the messenger of what these folks say under deep hypnosis. They claim we don't incarnate as animals - they have their own hierarchy, those of the earth, of the air and of the sea. It reminds me of what the Lakota Sioux say about the Buffalo realm. And within those realms they have older and younger souls too - so your kitty or pup may know more about you than you'd like to admit. We have a tendency to think from our perspective - one life, smarter, can speak, etc - but when you really examine this research that all goes out the window. Who's to say who is more conscious, or more help to others on the planet? Between lives we are all equal - "no one hoards the jelly beans" as one therapist said. If that's true, then why do we persist in claiming it not to be while here?

John Carter said...

Hi Rich. That c2c show with you was one of the best I've heard in ages. I had about 3 or 4 'aha' moments, and that's rare for me. It was just awesome stuff! And listening to you it felt like I was talking to an old friend! Thank goodness I download it so I can skip the commercials and maintain some continuity!

John C.
Northridge, Ca.

Rich Martini said...

Thanks John, it's the same kind of 'aha' moments that I got while researching the material.. glad you enjoyed the show, let me know what you think about "flipside" as well. Rich

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