#1 Best Selling Amazon Kindle Title (in its genre)

Oh wow. I just saw this on Amazon - "Flipside" is the #1 best selling book of this genre

To quote Steven Jobs: Oh Wow.

Thank you Coast to Coast! 

#1 in Kindle Store, #3 in New Age books, #6 in Motivational Books.




Tony said...

It seems that actions or roles planned in-between lives can be of either the perpetrator or victim. So, in life assuming you take on the role of perpetrator and do something bad to someone else you create suffering. But, it seems that if you are willing to be a perpetrator and make that sacrifice, it doesn't seem like your soul necessarily needed that experience of suffering. It's almost like you chose to digress in this life to create a negative experience, but in "soul" reality, you may be more evolved than that, otherwise you wouldn't have committed such an act. I guess it seems like "negative" acts may be perpetrated so that you or someone else learns, but may also be of a higher sacrifice. If so, you can really beat yourself up for something you did, but the reality is, you may be more evolved than that. So, how can you tell someone "you should be loving and good" when they may actually be committing an act of love and as a planned perpetrator. It sure says a lot about judging others for what they do, you really can't judge them at all as you don't if the act was a sacrifice or just an act of an un-evolved soul. Also, judging yourself. Any thougths on this?

Rich Martini said...

Again, this is not a philosophy or belief, but what thousands of people have said about the process under deep hypnosis. This is my analysis of what's been said - and you can find further info in Michael Newton's work. But the best analogy I can offer is that of being on stage. Imagine we agree to have 1000 lives together. That's a lot of plays to perform - and we have many people helping in all areas of the production. One of us agrees to play the perpetrator and the other the victim (or the prayer/slayer as one hypnotherapist put it) - but of course no bad guy is all bad, or good guy is all good - we are all a mixture of good and bad, and our journey is the same. The perpetrator might spend a percentage of their day perpetrating - but they're also doing other things, affecting lives,perhaps in a positive way (by helping them to learn courage, honor, etc) The point is that everyone plays these roles and when we judge people as good or bad, we're missing the play. These are actors pretending to be good or bad - we don't hate actors who play bad guys - but we can hate what we see on stage. And backstage we may say "wow, you did that too well." The person committing the acts - learning from that energy - is who gains the benefit as well as those who are affected by them. Since we don't die - and we are equal backstage - then it's just a matter of examining energy onstage. But we're all learning - that's why it's important to see judgment to be a matter of perspective or understanding. If someone is behaving badly and harming others, by all means they must be stopped, or isolated. Also, only a third of our energy reportedly comes here - so two thirds of your energy is in the audience watching your performance and judging how well you are doing. But the essence of the journey is love - is compassion - so being loving and good, opening your heart up to everyone and to all things, is (what has been claimed) the way to experience God. So those who can open their hearts to everyone and all things - they're that much further along the path. Also they claim we don't have to perform the acts we signed up for - we have free will. So we can argue "I already learned that lesson, I don't need to perform it." It's really up to you (according to these reports.) Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,

Your interview on Coast to Coast was one of my favorites so far, and one of the closest to expressing the concepts I believe in. Have you ever heard of the book "Emmanuel's Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos"? Your perspective reminded me of that book, but the between lives classroom is a new concept and one that I found really interesting!

I did have a random thought I've been meaning to post for a week or so...I think you mentioned that sometimes people who have "graduated" will come back to help others with a lesson. I'm on board with what you hinted at regarding evil (i.e., it's not real). And the concept of agreeing to play the role of the perpetrator is interesting, although I'm not sure how I feel about it or if I'm ready to incorporate it into my world view. But, if it really is how we design our human experience, I wonder if the really bad folks (think Hitler or Stalin)are actually a "graduate", since I can't imagine that would be a role anyone could handle otherwise.

Anyway, your book should be sitting in my mailbox right now, and I look forward to reading it (along with Michael Newton's, which I also ordered). Keep up the interesting work!


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