Food, Inc

For those of you who haven't seen this film, make sure that you do.  It's one of those things that you always knew was happening, and is really disturbing to have it in your face. To recap:

1. Chickens grown by Tyson, Perdue, and the other major manufacturers are grown in darkened sheds. The chickens are filled with antibiotics.  Chicken nuggets will turn you into a chicken nugget. The answer: eat organic chicken.

2. Beef is mixed and intermingled with other beef from questionable places of hygiene. Used to be 50 processing plants in the US; now there are 13.  Odds of getting sick go up exponentially.  If a cow eats grass it will shed the ecoil killing bacteria in a matter of weeks.  Answer: Eat grass fed beef only, organic is best.

3. Corn.  By artificially lowering the price of corn, subsidizing the crop, we've driven it into feed bins, into corn syrup, into everything on the grocery shelf.  If it contains Corn syrup, if you value your health, you won't eat it. Corn has been modified genetically - but worse than that, it doesn't belong in the foods its in.  I love corn! But I hate being fed like a cow.

4. Soybeans. Those of you who know me know I made the only feature film about Soybeans ever made. "Limit Up."  Since 1996 Monsanto has cornered the soybean market by patenting their bean, then aggressively prosecuting those who use it - only catch is, it blows into your farm, and if you don't pay them for it, they'll sue you.  90% of all beans are now Monsanto Genetically altered beans - and the FDA won't tell us if the soybean derivative you're eating has been altered. It's outrageous!  I for one am going to boycott all Monsanto products and will encourage anyone in listening range to do so. To make it illegal to use your own soybeans, or to clean old beans is unbelievable.  They are a monopoly and should be broken up - people have to wake up to what we're being fed.

5. Stonyfield. Cool company. Cool CEO. Shows that by purchasing organic you can make a difference. Go to your local market. I just have to figure out how to wean my kids off of chicken nuggets and burgers.. now if someone would open a fast food organic food place!!! Hello?

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