Steve Fossett's effects

Okay, I'm not a psychic. I don't claim to be a psychic, but I'm convinced that if you focus on something, and listen, you'll get the answer. I know this sounds new agey, and for a guy who's working in Hollywood, not so far off the track. But I want to add some info to the Steve Fossett disappearance.

A week or so after he disappeared, Google sponsored a search for him online. I, like many others, joined in the online search. I combed a certain area, and then looked for others. However, I've also had some success with something called "remote viewing." For those of you who know what it is, I don't have to repeat it here, but for those of you who don't, it's the ability to "see" images from afar, and if you can tune into an image, get something out of it that's tangible.

When the little Utah girl was missing, my wife and I tried an experiment in remote viewing. I came up with "Wasatch mts., a mine shaft, and an image of a woman with long gray hair and owl glasses taking care of Elizabeth Smart" - very much alive. Later on, it turned out to be true. There was an older gray haired woman with owl glasses who took care of her. I saw her in the post arrest, and recognized her immediately. (I wrote all this down and forwarded it to the authorities by the way, no response, but that's understandable.)

I've also had some success with connecting with my kids when I'm further away. There was a study done at the University of Virgian, Ian Stevenson's group, which showed that people could tune in to their loved ones over long distances. In my case, I've been able to see my daughter in various places - particularly Disney land - while I was in Paris. I didn't know she was going there, but later called my wife and said "So, you guys were eating french fries in a yellow restaurant in Disney land today." She asked how I knew. I said "I meditated on it, saw the yellow walls, and got a sense of you and our daughter together eating French Fries - and she said that you weren't too happy." My wife confirmed that the long bus ride and long lines had made her grumpy.

Okay, back to Mr. Fossett. So I sat back and meditated on Steve, and instantly got the message "Catastrophic heart attack" "Mono Lake" "Was dead before the plane crashed." I wrote to the people sponsoring the search, didn't mention Remote Viewing, but did mention that I knew someone who'd "seen and heard" these details (me, of course) wrote to Steve's company to let them know what I thought I saw or heard - understandably, they didn't respond, but I suggested that someone look in or near Mono Lake for his plane. (a few miles from the crash site). So when the news came that they found his plane near Mono Lake, needless to say, I felt like I already knew that - and now am predicting if they can figure out what killed him - it will be a massive heart attack.. although I doubt they'll be able to do that with what's left of his remains. Either way, I'm putting this out there, if only to help those who've lost loved ones, to encourage them to meditate on them, and the answers that you're seeking will come to you. You heard it here first.

Steve, you were quite the adventurer, and you lived your life at the edge at all times. More power to you, and thanks for being a beacon to others. Rest in peace.

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