Obama is secretly a radical 60's leftist communist Muslim

I found this unusual missive out on the net...

"Not sure if you're aware of it, but John McCain was secretly born in Panama, but that doesn't make him a Panamanian. Yes, it's true that Bill Ayers and Tom Haydn did everything in their power to stop a war in Vietnam that was thousands of innocent lives, a war that even our old pal Bob McNamara now claims was wrong.

So is Ayers the terrorist? While Bill Ayers and Tom Haydn were running around trying to get our nation out of a good war, poor John McCain was busy crashing five, no six airplanes before being shot down and tortured in prison. And what was Obama doing? Being 8 years old is no excuse. He wasn't out there doing the hookilau, or the hula, or whatever kind of Hawaiian rap music he was probably doing. I have it on good authority, that secretly Obama (not Senator Obama, he doesn't deserve to be called a Senator because after all, he's only been there for two years!) is part of the black muslim underground, the PStone rangers from the South Side of Chicago, just posing as a half white man - that whole nonsense about his mother being white, did you know that in Puerto Rico if your mother is white and your father is black you're considered white? Thank God he's not from Puerto Rico as well!

This guy claims to be from Hawaii and raised in Oklahoma was really secretly born in Kenya where he was not only a Muslim, but a black P stone rangers Muslim, raised by Farrakhan and every afternoon he bows down to Mecca when not working in Congress. I know he claims he was raised a Christian, and it's in all his school books and public records that he's a Christian, but he sounds Muslim!

Oh, wait a second, are you saying that Islam and all the Muslims can be genetically traced back to Abraham the father of the Christian religion?Wait a second, are you saying that Jews and Christians and Muslims can trace all their religions back to the same person, Abraham, who had one line of his family go on to found the Hebrew religion, and another son who went on to found Islam? That's crazy! That would mean that it doesn't matter if someone is a Muslim or a Christian! That's like saying something crazy like we're all from Africa - that we can trace all our genetic history back to "dark continent" - because at some point in time our ancestors all came from Africa. That would be crazy.

That would be like saying it doesn't matter what the color of someone's skin is, or whether their skin has melanoma, or has too much melonin - or that it doesn't matter what happened back in the 1960's, because that war was wrong and its over, and there's no point beating that horse when the economy is falling around our ears on a daily basis and 90 year old women are shooting themselves to avoid being evicted. And now that communist Chief of Police of Cook County has taken the outrageous step to order his officers to stop evictions! Doesn't he respect the law? Or the banks law?

Doesn't he know its more important to get to the bottom of whether or not Bill Ayers, who was given the title Mr. Chicago by the city in 1997 for all his civic duties, is still running perverting black P stone nation muslims on the south side of Chicago? You mean the the Black P Stone nation, that now has members in Congress now, is secretly behind this rise to power of this .. half hawaiian, half kenyan, half harvard, half Cubs fan, half White Sox fan running for office?

I just don't get it. Why would the American people, after seeing the first two debates, and hearing Sarah Palin actually speak in an interview, suddenly start switching their votes to this guy who is not American, or at least not the kind of American that the founding fathers envision.. or that Thomas Jefferson envisioned - besides the fact that Jefferson fell in love with his slave Sally and had a bunch of kids by her - What was he thinking? Of a future America with his kids by Sally running for President?

Why are all these folks switching votes? Don't tell me they think we're going to go back to the failed economy of the Clinton era? God forbid! As our fearless leader Dick Cheney once put it "Deficits are meaningless!" Why doesn't Obama just go back to Hawaii or Harvard or wherever he came from? And while they're at it, just declare Martial Law and get this election over with???"

There's no accounting for wacky Republican vitriol.

My two cents.

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