Keith Olbermann Kicks Alaskan Booty

Wow. KO really summed it up well. Be careful when you go around calling people "UnAmerican" and a "terrorist" - people who live in thin igloos shouldn't throw stones. And McCain going after Obama's "association with Ayers." Obama didn't wait five seconds to counter punch with a Keating Five Scandal video detailing McCain's involvement in it. No Swiftboating will happen on this watch, thank you very much. Did you see that Doonesbury claims there's 144 lobbyists working in McCain's campaign? Did I read that right? And this "witch doctor" from Kenya who did an exorcism of Sarah Palin in church? This is the same minister who inspired a town in Kenya to attack a witch and her demon snake? And is this the same Palin whose husband belongs to the Vogler nutball group that wants Alaska to secede? Did John McCain really only meet this woman once before putting her on the ticket?

Some other news of note: LA Times today picked up the story about how McCain was a reckless pilot who crashed FIVE planes before being shot down in Vietnam. McCain - war hero? I'm not so sure. You crash your plane five times, it makes you seem like you're a bad pilot. I wouldn't go as far as the Republicans did with claiming that since John Kerry didn't get shot he wasn't a hero. But then neither did McCain. Arms broken.. oh, what a silly argument. I'm sorry I brought it up. But let's have some perspective. The guy crashes six planes in Vietnam. Should we have even been in Vietnam? No. Even Bob McNamara says so in the film "Fog of War." So, why is it such a big thing that the guy served in an unjust war? Oh, right. He was tortured. That is a bummer. But.. should we vote for the guy who suffered the most? Or who's going to get us out of this financial mess.

It's the economy, stupid. Like Joe Biden, I'll repeat myself. It's the economy, stupid. It's not complicated to see that deregulation makes really smart rich guys richer. That the bulk of money drifts to other rich guys. Same thing happened when banks were deregulated. Lot of banks sprang up, lot of guys got rich, including McCain, then the government bailed them out. Meaning "the people of the United States" bailed them out.

So.. the market is in freefall, people are shooting themselves, soon it's going to be jumping out of windows over Wall Street. And Mr. Bin Laden is chuckling in his villa (according to CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Bill Maher the other night) in Pakistan. Watching the Americans free fall, the way the Russians free fell. Of course he thought he was the one who brought the big Russian bear down - and everyone on this side of the pond thought it was Ronnie Reagan. It wasn't either. Just the economy, stupid, or the Russian equivalent of stupid.

Back to the subject at hand. Palin is embarrassing her family, her reputation, her career - for what? To be McCain's attack dog? What a waste. It's going to get uglier, and uglier, until someone throws up.. and hopefully it's not us.

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