Why McCain Can't Look Obama in the Eye

"The eyes are the window of the soul."

Why couldn't John McCain look his opponent in the eye?

Is it because Sarah Palin took all his face time when she "didn't blink" when asked about becoming Vice President?

Why can't one guy look into the eyes of another when debating them? Fact is, John McCain has spoken about his ability to "look someone in the eye" before. Here's an article on the subject:

"Sen. John McCain issued the keeper of all campaign promises today. It's on the question of taxes, which he vows not to raise. It's not a "read my lips, no new taxes'' pledge, in the manner of former President George H.W. Bush, who made that pledge as a candidate and then raised taxes as president. Rather, it's a "look you in the eye,'' no new taxes.

""I want to look you in the eye: I will not raise your taxes nor support a tax increase,'' McCain said today at a "town-hall'' styled campaign appearance at the Wagner Company, a Caterpillar dealer, in Aurora., Colo. "I will not do it.''McCain has often told his town hall audiences that he "wants to'' or "has to'' look them in the eyes. Most often, it's had to do with his stance on the war in Iraq."

Okay, so John's aware when he's going to look, and when he's not going to look. He made a conscious decision not to EVEN LOOK AT HIM. Even when Obama shook his hand at the beginning, McCain didn't hear what Obama said, jerked his head up as if to say "What?" and still NEVER LOOKED AT HIM.

Something is going on. It's either subconscious, or its Karl Rove. So let's examine why another human being, standing in front of him for 90 minutes, would never even glance at him. Here's one doctor's response:

You may be aware that many people consider the eyes to be "windows to the soul." Looking into another person's eyes can be a very intimate act. We may feel as though we're seeing more of the "real person" as compared to the mask or persona many of us don for more superficial interactions. And, of course, we may feel the other person is also seeing more of us.

Sometimes we're afraid of what others might see when they look into our eyes, usually because we're uncomfortable or ashamed of some aspect of ourselves. We may be afraid of what we'll see reflected in the other's eyes. We may fear exposure or rejection of the "real" us. Or we might be afraid of seeing love or caring or acceptance in the other's eyes, feeling we don't deserve such kindness or that it might lead to a more emotionally or, perhaps, physically, intimate relationship. If we've been hurt or betrayed in other intimate relationships (whether with friends, lovers or family members), we may be especially reluctant.

Here's another doctor's response:

Eye Contact
When someone talks to you, do they look directly at you or look away? Maintaining eye contact when talking (or listening) to someone gives an impression that you/they are confident and honest. Making little eye contact can say that the other person doesn't like you, is nervous or shy, or perhaps believe that they are higher in status and think that eye contact isn't necessary.

Check it out:

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