Upcoming Event In Santa Barbara

I'm speaking in Santa Barbara on Saturday August 19th about the latest research into the Flipside, including practical advice in how to set the table for those who've checked off the planet to reach out to us.

Should be a fun event!

Hacking the Afterlife:

Practical Advice from People on the Flipside & How to Reach and Contact Them for Help

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Center of the Heart

487 N. Turnpike Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

$35 in advance, $45 at the door

his website: http://www.richmartini.com

appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noory




"My experience of Richard Martini was pure enjoyment and fascination over this topic. He's a regular guy and self-professed skeptic who never had a NDE (near death experience) but because his best friend died and is on the "flipside", this led him on a journey to discover if there was life after death. He's a humorous, intelligent, lively and consummate speaker you will enjoy!" - Roxy Angel


Vanum Populatum

Vanum Populatum

Had a weird dream yesterday.

I've got a bad cold, and weird dreams come to me when I'm loopy from a cold.

I was visiting somewhere ancient I guess.. it almost seemed out of body. Hazy images, smoky. And I heard the words "Vanum populatum."

So when I woke up I wrote it down. Maybe I've been watching too much of the "Rome" miniseries. But then I looked up the words at a Latin translation site;

vanum means "empty, vain, false, untrustworthy.'

populatum means "ravage, devastate, lay waste; plunder, despoil, strip."

It took me awhile to decipher it;

"Strip away that which is vain." or "Lay waste to that which is false or untrustworthy."

What the f am I doing talking to myself in Latin? I don't speak Latin. So who the heck was talking to me in Latin? I'd like to know. And why so philosophical?

It sounds Buddhist to me - but coming from a Latin.. hey wait a second. Nah, Jesus spoke in aramaic, not Latin. So maybe it was a priest - I had an uncle who was a priest - but is that the kind of casual thing a Priest might say? Even to his old nephew?

I was a little shocked to say the least. But it's a cool motto:

"Devastate that which is empty, vain, false or untrustworthy."

sounds like time for a new election.

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