"Coast to Coast" with George Noory talking Flipside

Thanks for tuning in to "Coast to Coast" last night... it's always fun to talk to George Noory!

Here's a book talk I did last Saturday at the International Association of Near Death Studies in Chicago.  90 minutes, it's called "Sacred Heart."

Also...I forgot to mention two books worth examining - "My Life After Life" by Galen Stoller, and "My Life After Death" by Erik Medhus ( - both have detailed descriptions of the architecture of the afterlife.  By and large they report the same - that its remarkably similar to here, perhaps because of "shared focus" by other individuals.  There are some fascinating sidebars in both books. Galen wrote the introduction to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" (volume 2) from where he currently resides on the flipside.

(this won't be up for long, so if you want to listen, do so asap)

Trends Report/ Afterlife Research
Date:Wednesday - July 15, 2015
Host:George Noory
Guests:Gerald CelenteRichard Martini

In the latter half, author and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his research into the afterlife, including near death cases and between-life hypnotherapy sessions. He's particularly impressed by cases where people access "new information" that they didn't know beforehand. For instance, in Eben Alexander's NDE he is given a guided tour of the "Flipside" (afterlife realm) by a woman he's never met. Later, the family that put him up for adoption shared a picture of his deceased sister (whom he wasn't aware of) and he recognized her as the woman from his NDE. Martini had his own such incident during communications from his deceased father who mentioned six names to tell his mother of people he was hanging out with on the Flipside. While Martini didn't know the names, his mother recognized them as his old friends from WWII.
Interestingly, a criminal attorney told Martini that her clients, who have been brought up on manslaughter and 2nd degree murder charges, say they've been visited by their victims either in dreams or as manifestations in the room. The deceased victims all say relatively the same thing to the people who killed them by accident: "I'm OK. I can help you." Martini also talked about the experience people share between lives, and how they are reunited with their soul groups. Soul groups sometimes incarnate together to work on specific purposes or premises as a way to learn and evolve, he explained.
News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Robert Zimmerman


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your interview tonight. Most of you somewhat subjective conclusions regarding life on this plant agree with mine, based largely on deductive thought, reason, and observation.

You mentioned memory outside of the brain, where memory regions are compromised due to Alzheimer's or dementia. I view it as a cosmic hard drive of sorts, where we later can share memories without a physical brain. With computers it's called 'cloud' storage.

I've had numerous contacts with either spirit entities or alien entities, and I feel that there are rules regarding contacts. I could write 350 pages on my experiences, but haven't bothered, due to rampant skepticism from 'Skeptics'.

I debated with Roger Ebert on his blog, regarding critiquing Ben Stein's documentary, 'Expelled'. It was a high traffic blog entry, with 2687 comments. I disputed his 99.975% figure regarding the percentage of scientists who agree with Darwin's theory in totality. No response from him, but numerous negative responses from others. Finally, I caught his attention with this one (and a few others), to which he responded with a touch of humor:

So is there a Cosmic Internet of sorts? And do we have overseers (spirit guides)? When I took down from a bookshelf a book of Matt Dennis piano arrangements, and began playing some of them, the room changed, and I distinctly felt a familiar static electric feeling on my back, that I'd felt numerous times, due to a spirit entity presence. But this time it was intense, connoting IMO, excitement from the entity present.

I immediately deduced it was as a result of my playing these pieces. So I went to the computer, looked up Matt Dennis, and discovered voilĂ , that he had died recently. So I went back, apologized for the my bungled playing, and after awhile, the sensation faded. I blogged about it here:!topic/

Now if it was Matt, how did he know I was playing his arrangements? Answer: My spirit guide contacted him in some way, saying (in effect) "Hey Matt, someone's playing your pieces. Care to observe?" I later discerned that Matt was a highly emmotional guy, who excited easily, and it fit the high energy I experienced. I also deduced that on the other side, ego and emotions can play a part as well. Apparently, his 'ego' survived. ;~)

Lee Bowman
Phoenix AZ

Rich Martini said...

Thanks for posting Lee. We tend to think of the flipside in terms of this side of the fence. But once we take the time and space parameters off the table, for you to sense or experience something over here that seems or feels related to over there can make sense in a lot of different ways. It's possible, as you say, you're spirit guide invited him in. It's possible that whenever anyone plays his pieces, he's energetically present - we access the energy they put into creating the piece. Since we're all connected, it's possible just thinking of someone connects us to them - whether through their painting, music, film, any creative endeavor. It gives a whole new meaning to looking at a painting in a museum. As if the painting retains the memory of the event. Same goes for lit or music, or any creative endeavor (or so they report from the flipside.) I mention these reports in flipside, and also in "its a wonderful afterlife" especially in the chapter on celestial music.

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