Flipside and Its a Wonderful Afterlife on Sale

The kindle price for "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" have dropped to $5 across all platforms. 

Selfie in Pelos di Cadore, Italy where my Italian family originated
What can five bucks get you?

Hmm. Let's see.  Triple Grande at Starbucks in Seattle with a muffin?

$5 cooked chicken at Pavilions/Vons/Albertson's on Fridays in Santa Monica?

A brownie at a legalized marijuana store in Venice, CA?  (I'm asking)

A glass of Martini Bianco at a bar in Torino?

A pint of Guinness at a pub in Dublin?

Half a plate of spaghetti carbonara from La Tana Dei Noantri in Rome?

A tip in the tip jar at the piano at Monteverdi's in Odeon in Paris?

Half a kir royale at the Ritz in Paris?

A beer at the bar at the Hotel Du Cap?

Shu Mai noodles at a noodle shop in Shanghai?

A burger and fries at the the Indiana couple's cafe in Lhasa?

A couple of flat whites at Carlucci's in Darlinghurst?

A guided tour of the Taj Mahal in Agra?

A flute from a green eyed flutist on the Great Wall of China?

Five minutes on a T line at an internet cafe in Kerala?

Pommes Frites with mayo from a street vendor in Amsterdam?

 on sale

A tour of a museum in Mexico City?

A toy bow and arrow set from native south american's in the Amazon?

These are all things that I've purchased over the years with a measly five bucks.

And then poured into these three books.

Five bucks for seeing the world from a new perspective?  (That's the red pill, right?)

click away!

This view was free when I took this pic of the Potala Palace in Tibet, but worth 5 bucks anyways.

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