Blue Skies and How Music Amplifies Speaking to the Flipside

The other day I was having lunch with my pal Jennifer Shaffer, the intuitive medium who I've been working with on Flipside research.  We have casual conversations, sometimes over lunch, sometimes in her office, with people who want to "reach out" from the flipside.

Usually they're people we've met - or because I'm in the room I guess, people I've met.  They may not be close friends, but sometimes they are. And sometimes I ask her to see if "so and so" can stop by - but for the most part, when she focuses on the Flipside, people we've talked to before appear and have something to say.

I've been testing something a bit different in the work.  Normally when you go to visit a medium, you wait for them to speak to you about your loved ones - or they offer a sense or feeling, or something that they're getting "from the other side" and they try to impart it to you.

Scientists have tried to explain these events away via "wishful thinking" "cryptomnesia" or lately a quantum scientist argued it was "synthesthesia" - the "wires of the brain" getting mixed up and telling us things that aren't there, but seem to be.  Whatever.  All I can say is that when we "speak" to someone on the flipside in real time, I do my best not to "judge" what's coming forth, and try to focus on the kinds of questions that can be asked; "What's it like for you to view us?" "Give us a description of how we appear to you?" "What's a good way to tell people to reach out to those on the other side?" "Is there any formula for success?"

Asking questions is allowed.  Scientists like to think that it's not, because it introduces bias.  Well, I can only say "so what?  If a person on the flipside tells me something new - something I could not have known, could not have looked up, could not by cryptomnesia - especially when it's an answer to a question - what's wrong with that?"  
Verification can come in strange ways

People often want to get some kind of "verification" in the form of an identifiable piece of evidence. "Oh look, a penny from 1725 just appeared out of thin air." That's never happened, nor do I think it's particularly useful.

It's important to keep perspective.  And by that I mean "their perspective."  Imagine for a moment that you're done with your epic stage play, you've left the stage, and from your position back stage, or in the theater, everything seems kind of silly or shallow, or even unimportant from your perspective. After all you're free to fly, to get around easily, to move across the universe. You can visit people anywhere at any time, you can zip in and out of different realms.  Why would it be important to stop what you're doing to prove to someone back on the planet that there is an afterlife?

One of the sacrosanct "laws of the universe" that I hear often in this work is "don't interfere."  As in "We can't interfere, even though you want us to." "We don't like to interfere even though you pray that we do."  Why is that? Because we took an oath before coming here to the planet to perform the play as it was discussed and agreed to prior to stepping on stage.  And if you start to cheat - get your uncle Pete to throw sacks of money from off stage - well that's not fair. Nor is it what  you've signed up to do or learn.  So if Uncle Pete starts proving there's a flipside by turning the light switch off and on to get your attention - well that appears to be okay.  But no phone calls in the middle of the night to tell you what the lottery numbers are.  It's just not cool to do that.

But... all that being said, I did hear something from someone off planet who offered this: "You can connect to your loved ones through music."  The point he was making was that music is a frequency, and you can use it to boost your signal.

Here's a wonderful story about connecting with a loved one on the Flipside. While filming an interview with medium Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer last week, she reported via a musician no longer on the planet, that music can be a way of amplifying the signal between here and there. I asked Todd if i could share his post, as it is powerful, touching and great to hear.  

"April 10, 2017

As I jump ahead to more recent times, a lot of life changes have come my way over the past 4 years. One major life experience was losing my father in September of 2012. My father Richard, had passed away in his sleep due to complications from ongoing heart disease.

I had just recently moved 3,000 miles from the east coast to the west coast to the state of Washington.

My father had suffered for many years toward the end of his life, very severe depression, and on occasions had actually attempted suicide.  At times he would just sit and stare at the walls, as if his normal self was not present in his body.  When he was well, he was jovial, witty, liked to joke around, would talk your ear off and tell strangers on the street his entire life story if they allowed it.

Surprisingly a month before he died, he called me out of the blue for my birthday. He was back to his old self, joking with me on the phone and we had made plans for him to possibly move out west and live the remainder of his life with me in some seaside town in Washington, he was very excited as he had not seen me in years. We had joked that Washington state was known for Bigfoot (Sasquatch) and he had asked me if I seen any yet.  I said nope but that would be cool. He then said well if I come out there, I'm gonna get a Bigfoot costume and scare the shit out of you outside your window while you are sleeping.

He had not seen his grandkids since they were little, and they were now teenagers.  He wanted to start a new relationship with them. I told him I would be getting their school photos mailed out to him soon.

At the time of our conversation, my uncle who was also very close, passed away exactly one year earlier suddenly also in September.  I told my father that I had recently dreamed of Uncle Scott. Within that dream, my father was with me, and we went to see Scott at this apartment building, within a valley of grassy hills.  As we entered the building and walked up the stairs to the second floor of the building, the hallway echoed with music. To the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd, one of my uncle's favorite bands.  The words clear as a bell coming through, and the beat of the music rushing through my body and ears.. "If I leave here tomorrow. Would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on now... because there's too many places I got to see.."

My father and I walked into the apartment, and uncle Scott was painting the walls and getting the apartment cleaned up.  This was a common scene, for as in life, he was a maintenance worker, painted homes, installed windows and so forth.  We all greeted each other as if this was normal life.  My dad and him joked around for awhile.  I asked Scott if he was upset with his girlfriend, as she is the one who gave him too many pain killers which abruptly ended his life.  He laughed and said no, I am not mad at her, but I am glad to be done with crazy bitches.  

I asked Scott who he was getting the apartment ready for.  He looked at my dad and said "Your old man here, this is his new place, he's gonna hang out with me for awhile."

After some time I left the building to return home, I looked at my dad and said "Are you coming with?" and he said "No Jump. I'm gonna be staying, but you come to see me once in awhile."

:: end of dream ::

I expressed my thoughts to my dad over the phone that I think this dream is a foreshadowing, that Scott is preparing a place for you, and that you will pass over in the near future. My dad said "Ha maybe!"

Two weeks later.. my cell phone rang.  I saw the area code was from Utah, where my dad's sister lives. I immediately knew before even answering the call, who it was, and that my aunt was calling to tell me my dad had passed away.  I took a gulp.. caught my breath and answered...  "Hi Todd.. I'm sorry hun, but your daddy passed in his sleep last night."

We talked for awhile.. then hung up.  She had arranged for everything for him.  I felt comforted knowing everything would be ok.  I looked down on my desk and there sat the envelope with the school photos of my kids that I was about to mail to him.. then I broke down crying.

Being clairvoyant, and having seen and heard spirits through out my life, I knew deep down my dad was ok and no longer in pain, but I wanted one last good bye with him, as his passing cut our plans short. 

During this time I had recently come across a facebook group hosted by Richard Martini and had been reading his book, the Flipside.  I found it interesting that he had the same first name as my dad, synchronicity.  In one of the online discussions it was mentioned that an easy way to contact loved ones who had passed was to meditate and listen to their favorite music.

That very night I created a playlist on my Ipod, some Paul Simon song and some of his favorite tunes from Beach Boys the Pet Sounds album. These songs took me back to the earliest memories I had with my dad, when I was about 3-4 years old.  He would place his favorite LP on the turntable, turn down the lights, and get down on his knees and hold my hands as he slow danced with me and introduced me to his favorite artists.  As I scrolled through the playlist, thinking of my dad, talking to him asking if he remembered him singing along with Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings to Mamma Don't Let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys... I saw something out of my peripheral vision to my right near my bedroom window. 

All the lights were off in my bedroom, aside from the street lamp coming through the blinds, the only light I had was from the Ipod screen itself.  I turned to look to my right, to see the light shining off what appeared to be the outline of a face, in blueish white translucent glow.  As my eyes adjusted to the dark, it was no ordinary face, but a hairy neanderthal looking appeared similar to what can only be described as a Sasquatch!  I said "Holy Shit!" And I threw the Ipod across the room. To which the image immediately vanished.  I thought to myself this can't be real, I must have been falling asleep, and got up and picked up the Ipod from the floor, and tried to relax and lay back down.  I closed my eyes and began to see the image of my father standing at the foot of my bed, not just smiling at me, but what looked like him laughing his ass off.  I felt love and peace and comforted.  He did not talk but I knew without a doubt it was him.. and for a good 20 minutes I had a one way conversation talking about his music as I finally drifted off to sleep.

During this time I was also suffering from severe sleep apnea.  I was yet untreated as I did not have a CPAP machine.  This began to take heavy toll on my body, to the point where I would stop breathing over 60 times an hour during sleep.  During the day would be constantly run down and tired, and had even started to randomly pass out during work, nod off driving, or even while standing up.

Within a day or so after this bedroom encounter, I was sitting taking calls from customers at my desk. It was a slow day, so I loaded up again the same music list on my computer. As I am sitting there drowning out my work day with the headphones on, I saw to the right of me, the door open to my office area and I could tell someone was coming down the stairs. Knowing I was home alone, my kids at school, I thought this was strange. Within a split second, in full 3d, there my dad was standing before me in my office, dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, similar to how he might appear in life. I was dumbfounded. I took my headphones off. Looked at him standing there smiling at me, as he spoke outloud "Hey Jump... nice house."   I responded, "But.. but.. when, how did you get here.. you are dead!"   My mind was racing, wondering if he faked his death, had someone made a mistake, did someone lie to me to surprise me of his visit?  He responded "No son, I am very much alive."

I began crying uncontrollably and walked over to him and fell into his arms.  He said "Calm down.. It's ok. I'm ok. I feel good. I came to tell you I love you."   He began asking how everyone was doing, how the kids were and asked me to walk with him.   A light opened up beside us.. and then I knew we had to be in spirit.. a green grassy path was on the other side.  We walked for awhile. Talked for what felt like over 10 minutes although this part is fuzzy to what we talked about.. The next thing I remember is him saying he could not stay long but said "Let me help you up off the floor dummy."  To which he kneeled down. I then woke up on the floor beside my desk drooling into the carpet, my head feeling dizzy.  My dad was gone..  The entirety of it seemed as if I had lost consciousness while working and left my body, but it seemed so real, and to this day is the most vivid and real spiritual experience I have ever had in my life, thanks to the power and sound of my dad's favorite music.

He has come to me from time to time in dreams over the last 4 years, but nothing as vivid as when he had just passed away.  

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Then I got this email from a woman in Norway today:

Hello Rich and happy Easter to you!

I read this post of yours  and felt like telling you about my experience with something quit similar. Hope you don´t mind. 

I told you earlier that my husband died a few years ago. What I had no reason to say, was that it turned out after he´d left, that he was a man of many secrets and lies, some was about having several other women, some of them to dark to mention, and I was left in shock. From the beginning of our romance I had such a strong feeling that this relationship was meant to happen, that it would transform me in ways I never thought possible. 

He had made me feel so very special, and now it turned out I was one of many, some of them prostitutes. Strangely enough I never felt angry, just filled with the obsession to gain understanding of who this human I thought I knew, really was. 

So in my despair I talked to a friend of a friend who has "contact". Amongst what he told me was "he is repeating something about song/singing, does that make any sense to you?" 

And it did. I had once told my husband that I seem to get messages through songs that suddenly popped into my head, recorded songs. The evening before your post I went to bed thinking of him, sending him a simple question from a wish of what I so much wanted to believe; "Was I special to you? Tell me I was?" 

I woke up the next morning with fucking Julio Iglesias' "To all the girls I´ve loved before" singing in my head!! And I laughed, really! a little angry, but accepting laugh to myself. 

It´s ok, it confirmed what I in many ways already come to terms with about why I had chosen that relationship. Then I read your post, laughed from the coincidence , and just felt I wanted to share.

Another recent one in the same alley :

My dear uncle passed away a few weeks ago. He lived in the south of Norway. He was 83 and his body were tired. The evening I got the phone call that he was on his last days, I had no opportunity to travel there. I lit a candle, and my kids and I had a silent moment were we sent love and light, thinking about him. After putting them to bed, I had a few things to do in the house, and went to bed around half past twelve.

I kept thinking of him, and ten minutes later, the moment I was half asleep a song came into my mind. It was an old song I had probably only heard a few times, but it came so clear to me, and I just knew it was my uncle sending this song to me, telling me not to worry - that he was doing just fine - or in fact - fantastic!  

I felt his humorous warm loving presence , and fell asleep with a smile on my face. From what I have read , you are also a musician, so I´m sure you have heard it. "Blue Skies by Irving Berlin"

The next day I got the call he had died. Turns out he passed away at the exact same time I "heard" the song. 

If it could be at any use for you in any way, you are welcome to share. All the best!

Here's Bing singing that tune:

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