Happy Mirth Day!

What? never heard of a Mirth day?

Why not?

I'm nominating July 21st, Robin Williams' birthday as Mirth Day.

Photo courtesy of Rita Wilson's Webpage: The Hanks and Robin having some mirth.

It's a day where you try to make people laugh, and you get credit for doing so.

I don't have a candy company, or a card company, it just popped into my head on his birthday.


You don't have to make merry, make out, but you do have to make mirth.

Folks watching "Flipside" in Iowa at a private screening. Cool!

What has this got to do with "The Flipside?" you ask?

I know, you didn't ask, I'm asking. It's a rhetorical thing.

Well, as it turns out every thought, action, word or deed contains energy.  How do I know this?  Well, I think I've heard Wayne Dyer say it.  But I aslo heard it during one of my many between life hypnotherapy sessions.

Mind you, I was convinced when I did my first between life hypnotherapy session that I wouldn't get anywhere.  I was going to continue to say "I don't say anything" to avoid being part of some group that is imagining things that aren't real because they're desperate to help the hypnotherapist get somewhere.

She's behind a sounds stage in Bollywood.  Bad actors don't get far.

I mean, I imagine that happens.

But it didn't happen in my case.  In fact I got "somewhere." And I went around checking out different things while I was there - I went to at least two classrooms, I found my pal Luana in one of them, and she looked at me as if to say "What the hell are you doing here?"

We should change that.  "What the heaven are you doing here?"

Makes more sense doesn't it?

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So while I was in this state of hypnosis - where you are NOT unconscious, you're fully conscious, you're just letting someone else drive the car.  And the therapist said "where do you want to go?" and I said "I'm on my way to visit my council" as if to say "If you don't hurry up, you'll miss it."

And the therapist took out the list of question I had made up the night before - fully not believing I was going to get anywhere, so I jotted down "ten things I'd ask God" if I could - but I didn't think I would get anywhere.

But I was there.

"If you want to understand a shift in consciousness imagine yourself a crab on the ocean floor and you open your eyes and realize you're in an ocean."  Wise words said during an LBL where a person asked their guide "What's a shift in consciousness mean?"  

And the therapist said "Do you want me to go over these questions?"  I said "Sure, but I'm already asking them."

As if I had memorized them.

I had not. I had jotted them down willy nilly about 2 am the night before.  "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to have questions, what if I do get somewhere?  Okay, I'll just ask these."

But now I was asking them as if I'd memorized them - we went over each one.  And I wouldn't have had them in my memory, except the therapist then went over them with me.  So when he asked "Why did you choose this lifetime? This lifetime as Rich Martini?" I had already heard the answer.

Which I said (roughly)

"Every thought, action, word or deed contains energy. When you write a book, sing a song, create anything with your heart it contains the energy of who you are.  And that can be a healing energy.  I chose to be a filmmaker because I wanted to see if I could use that healing energy to change people's lives, because comedy can change a disposition instantly.  Tears can have the same effect, but require catharis."  

I can guarantee I'd never used catharis in a sentence before.  But I understood it.  Meaning tears have the same effect, you just have to go through the arc of them to get to the same destination that laughter allows.

And then I said "I just wish I'd chosen someone more successful at it."  

Happy Mirth Day. :Can you hear me now?

To which the therapist laughed, and so did the council of 8 people that I was addressing.  So I got laughs simultaneously on two planes - something I'd never done before.  "Laughs in heaven and on earth."  Who knew?

Anyways, so when I suggest an annual Mirth Day - it's for healing purposes.  One guffaw can do more to change a person's health than a bunch of drugs.  One huge bought of unrelenting laughter can do more to change a person's disposition, then happy pills.  So in honor of Mirth Day, and in honor of Robin Williams (besides, who else made us laugh so consistently?)

Mariel Hemingway, Robert Towne on the set of Personal Best.  so much for fog machines.

I nominate Robin's birthday.

July 21st. 

Mirth Day.

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