Appearing tonight on Z Talk Radio talking "Flipside"

#36- Rich Martin-FlipSide: Afterlife  Here's last night's interview. Enjoy. #36- Rich Martin-FlipSide: Afterlife

Allen Warren has me on his Z talk radio show tonight on Warrenxchangeradio at

Funny thing, we spoke for 3 hours a few weeks ago, and then he emailed me to tell me that somehow the show had disappeared.

"Oh well," I said, "someone on the "Flipside" probably didn't like it."

I was joking, of course.  Like they've got so little to do on the "Flipside" that they'll take the time to hover around and listen to me on the radio.

Be that as it may, he found it - somewhere - and now it lives again.  So tonight at 6 pm Pacific Time, it will be on Z talk radio.  Not sure how long it's going to be, and I'd tune in to listen to myself talk, but then I can do that any old time.

Here's from his Facebook page with links:

It's Finally Here! Our Show with Guest Rich Martini! Author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini has written and/or directed 9 indie films. A former free lance journalist for Variety, Inc.Com, Premiere and other magazines, a graduate of the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC, FlipSide: A Tourist's Guide to the Afterlife is his debut non-fiction book on a topic that's been haunting him since the death of a soul mate.
Tonight at 6 pM Pacific/9 PM Eastern Only on !!!

So tune in if you'd like to hear the latest from the "Flipside." (Or just go to Z Talk Radio and look for Alan Warren's Show)

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