Who called for help in the overturned car?


"Rescuers are bewildered by the voice they heard calling for help after a car overturned and plunged into an icy river."

These three rescuers heard an "adult voice" saying "Help me." I have some simple questions for them, which Anderson perhaps neglected to ask. 

Was it a male or female voice? When comparing the three accounts, do they all say the same tone of a male or female voice? If it wasn't someone playing a trick (unlikely) then there are two possibilities I can think of. 

Either the mother (who was apparently long dead) or the baby was calling for help. If it was the mother's "spirit" or "consciousness" asking for help, would she have asked for help for herself or her baby? Seems she might have said "Help her" or "Help my baby!" (I'm just saying, it's the logical choice for what to say in such an emergency and you're aware of yourself and a baby.) 

Someone suggested the maternal bonds were so strong that the mother stuck around after death to make sure that her baby was rescued.  That's entirely possible.  But even that would have to be explained, as how does one "stick around" if they're no longer in the body?  Is it, as the research in "Flipside" shows, that we are conscious outside of our bodies?

But the question I have with that scenario is one of sentence construction.  Why say "Help me" instead of "Help my baby."  Certainly the second sentence is more powerful than the first, and more accurate if that was the case.

There is a third possibility, and the likeliest as odd as it may appear, is that the baby was speaking in an adult voice asking for help. The baby was passed out in the back of the car, and had been there for some time. So how could a baby speak in an adult voice? 

Well, if you have read "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide On How To Navigate the Afterlife" or "It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside Vol 1 you'd be aware of accounts of people being in touch with their previous lifetimes. But it's not easy to adjust the speed and tone and energy of yourself over there to communicate with people over here - otherwise people would do it all the time (outside of the ghost hunter shows). In this particular instance, a baby's higher self, that higher conscious self that is always with us, always part of our journey, made an effort to speak out loud to these three people, and they all heard that person speak. "Help me." (Not "Help mom," or "Help the baby" - "Help Me.") 

If you're looking for something the proves there is an afterlife or reincarnation, it's hard to try to put together all the wires required to make this theory fly. 

But if you're of a mind that we don't die, (which is what the research shows) and that we do incarnate consciously, that we do have a higher self keeping an eye over us, and can step in to help in times of need - well, then Bob's your Uncle, there's no mystery here. My two cents.

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