Prop 8 Donors

Well, I was going to write about Obama. But my mind goes back to the Mormon Church sponsoring this Proposition in California that has the state in an uproar.

Here are the names of those who donated for the campaign:

Mormons for 8 Donors

Some interesting highlights. The Republican Party is in for a grand. An old folks home in Adelanto put in 5 Grand. Hey, I've been to Adelanto, these old cowboys got nothing better to do than make gay people feel bad? The Vineyard Group of Mesa Ariz in for $100K. And there's alot more people spending thousands of dollars to propogate the myth that marriage is something other than a legal contract.

Even the Governator came out today against the idiotic proposition.. only a few days late - but he said he thought it would be overturned by the courts.

My gay friends are understandably upset, but what makes this unusual is that they're not going to take it any more. They're rising up, and starting a boycott of those people and organizations that brought this hate filled Prop to our shores. And I say it's hate filled, not because it's about a moral issue, not because it's anti-gay - which of course it is - but because it's nonsense.

As I mentioned previously, the law doesn't recognize weddings. Weddings are the purview of religious groups, ceremonies, what have you. They can dictate whomever they want to be married in their church or in their organization. As a matter of law, marriage is something that is protected by the state, by the government, by the people - but not to prevent people from marrying, as in the case of different races marrying, but in the case of protection from discrimination.

However, I'm inclined to agree with my friends who feel that this is an unjust law thrust upon them by an insensitive public - and if a boycott of their businesses, or their companies, and protests in front of their places of business will help them become more sensitive, then I'm all for it. It took a bus strike for America to wake up to injustice in one community, and if it requires a boycott, then I for one will support it. Just let me know what restaurant, and what old folks home (!) I should stay out of.

Here's the creep roll. I'm boycotting any and all of their products, because they put their money where their mouths are, and they don't really deserve to be fed by the citizens of California.

And it's about time the Mormons stood up to be counted. Maybe now people will shine a light on their history, their belief system, because I believe the truth does set you free. Whether it's Joseph Smith pretending to be able to read an Egyptian hyeroglyphics or baptizing Jews so they can get into Mormon heaven, there's a whole lotta stuff that should and will come out by shining a light on their organization. What's that passage about people living in glass houses throwing stones?

My two cents.

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